Alopecia And Drugs


Alopecia remains the worst problem for many men and women. Stress is the main cause for hair loss and there can be other factors like the weather conditions and use of chemical substances in the form of shampoo. Let us look at this article to know better. We will discuss about the various drugs and their effect on hair loss.

What’s the usual drug?

Minidoxyl is the new drug which is very well treated for alopecia and can cure hair loss. There are many people who take this drug and have found better results for hair loss. This is the effective drug used by many people. Alopecia is a rare autoimmune disease where the hair follicles are attacked by the immune system of the body. Many people get bald patches on their scalp and they can’t find the right treatment for it. This is different from the male pattern baldness and the female pattern baldness.

Birth control pills

There are some birth control pills that are taken by women and can affect your scalp. The worst one can expect is alopecia in their scalp. Women must stop taking the birth control pills, it has very bad side effects. It affects the entire body and the reaction from body is very worst.


Anti-depressants are drugs that are used to cure depression in men and women. Depression is the worst disease one can get. It can stop someone from achieving their goals in their life. They would feel sad all the time and it can take be reduced using the anti-depressants. While some of them are worst and can affect their scalp and cause more problems.

Weight loss drugs

Weight loss is another main thing, people have to do in their life. Women in their 20 or 30 try very hard to reduce weight naturally but they can’t. They get the assistance of personal trainers who provide a variety of suggestions. One of them is to use the weight loss drugs, you can use it to reduce your body weight. But sometimes, it can affect the hair on the scalp and other parts of the body.

Steroid and hormone therapy

Steroid is for improving the hormone levels in a person, it can add more energy to a person who take it. But too much steroid levels can spoil the hair of a person and can stop hair growth. Hormone levels affect a person to stop thinking clearly. It causes forgetfulness in rare cases, it is good to exercise and stay stress free to keep your hormones in balance and not to take complicated drugs.

Cancer treatment

Drugs used in cancer treatment can bring the worst side effect to a person. We can see many people fighting cancer and they can be cured without taking the high effect drugs. These can treat cancer cells and also affect the hair follicles in a person. This gives double strain in the lives of cancer patients. Alopecia patients need more support in times of their tough journey.

How a Female Alopecia Can Be Treated?


female hair lossTime flies away when a woman stands before a mirror and admires her beauty. What worse can it be when she loses her hair all of a sudden in patches. It ruins her appearance and affects her psychologically. Alopecia is worse for both men and women, usually women lose one third of their hair due to various reasons. Due to the hormonal changes in the body of women, the hair loss problem is very high and it affects them in a deeper emotional level. Baldness in men may be accepted socially but in case of a woman it’s worse. What are the methods to treat it in a proper way?  And how to treat alopecia in women remains a serious question. We will find it through this article and methods to provide support for the same.

How does it differ from men?

Usually the baldness in men will be near the temple region and it is mostly like M shaped. It is because men lose hair at a lesser rate than women. This can be of various reasons like improper diet, allergy or hereditary. When you see a woman with alopecia, you will see the hair thinning in the part line and hair loss in the top of head. Women having baldness due to alopecia is very rare unlike with the men and can be classified as type 1, type 2 and type 3. The reasons could be due to hormonal changes or could be inherited from the parents.


This can be done by taking iron supplements in their food and exercising daily. Women who are vegetarian and who have more menstrual bleeding have this problem of less hair. Per milliliter, if the Nano gram levels are less than 70 then it is necessary to take the iron supplements. Anti-androgens, these are the worse medicines and proper care must be taken to avoid this drug during pregnancy as it affect the fetus. Minoxidil is the safest drug to use because it has no side effects and hair growth at cheek which is very rare.

If you can number the top reasons for hair loss, there could be 50 or more reasons. Proper care can help to restore the hair. Telogen effluvium, androgenetic alopecia and alopecia areata are the three main symptoms of hair fall that most women experience in their lives. But with proper guidance of doctor, hair gets restored in 6 months. One thing to have when one is under treatment will be hope.

Another safest method to treat this problem would be to look for follicular hair transplantation, which has been the old method and still popular. It is mostly not covered by insurance and very costly to around $4000 and above. When the density of transplant site is more, this becomes a worst problem. It is advisable to consult with a dermatologist at an early stage because when the situation is not under control, this can cause serious impacts in one’s life.

Alopecia? What do you need to know about it?


alopeciaHair loss is the worst problem that is faced by many people. Aging is wonderful and slow process but when it happens suddenly out of nowhere, then it is a condition to be treated and need doctor’s guidance. What is alopecia? It is a condition where the immune system of a body affects the hair follicles, what happens if your hair follicles loses strength and starts to fall in patches. It affects people of all ages and even children too.

The causes of hair fall could be plenty of reasons, it could be food or genes or allergy. The chances of this problem are plenty and can’t be shortlisted . It affects people who have immunity deficiency problems like someone having thyroid problems or any other autoimmune reactions of the body. Whenever a foreign body enters our cells in the blood, there is a production or formation of antigen in our body which fights the foreign particle. It acts like a police force of our body and what happens when the cells reaction to immunity gets affected or it mistakenly affects the hair follicles. Therefore this is a condition not to be ignored and it causes baldness very quickly.

How to avoid and solve this?

When you contact a dermatologist, there is a large possibility of identifying the problem. One way to find this problem is get consultation of hair sample from your doctor. Many doctors do suggest the blood tests which can identify what is the exact problem. Problem with thyroid can be the reason for alopecia. There is very less chance for cure but it can be treated through styling techniques and fixing the hair through implants.  It is good to identify what could be the exact reason, if it is because of allergy then it is good to take drugs like minoxidil or finasteride under the prescription of the doctor.  According to a recent study, a drug called ruxolitinib also helps to grow hair for anyone identified with alopecia but not to male pattern baldness and it had given improved results.


It is noted that the hair fall is in small patches, there is baldness in the short patches, which can identified easily and also it quickly falls out. The strength of the hair gets weakened around the patches, which is visible easily. One important thing is that it is not contagious. There is stress with the alopecia is the worst causing psychological stress and anxiety to the person. Alopecia at any part of body occurs, it could be scalp, or any other part of body. There is complete difference between male pattern baldness and this disease which is not to be mistaken. Consult the dermatologist to identify the exact disease. There is also symptom related to teeth problem when someone has this disease. Overall it affects an individual as hair which adds beauty for a person but when it gets lost in patches, this becomes a great issue to deal with. It is good to identify at early stages and get treatment.